Privacy of our guests is our higher responsibility in all cases. No matter, from what location across the globe you belong to we take all the pain to ensure that your privacy is maintained while you go through the web page of our company. Our privacy policy page describes how we tend to use information collected by our online tools. Reading the privacy page one can be assured that no information will be misused by the company or its associates.

Your privacy is our priority and therefore we ensure that the online data collected from each user is stored with the internal team to be used for various reasons that include improving user’s experience and website navigation. The online market is a huge competition. It is important for every website to stay ahead in the competition this can be done by knowing what the online users are looking for and providing them in a timely fashion. Visiting the privacy page regularly one can know if there is any change in the way we intend to use the information thus collected of our users. The company also sends emails to its registered users for any change in the company’s privacy policy. However, it is advisable to visit the page from time to time.

What Information Do We Collect?

The information collected by us of our users primarily includes their interest. We keep an eye on what our users are looking for so we can provide them tailored services. If the users are not able to find the products we may even suggest them websites that may contain products they are looking for. This way, the goal of satiating the consumer demand is met.

The company also collect that highlights the users preferences as well as their location. Knowing the location they belong to it becomes easier for us to introduce the users with the products that can be availed from their respective places.  In short, the information that we collect is primarily about the interest and preference of each user.

Use Of Cookies:

There are various tools that are used by the company to collect data of the users. Cookies are some of the tools that we use to collect the information of each user. The cookies can be disabled and enabled according to the user’s preference. If a user does not wish to share information with us, the cookies can be disabled.

Users may also be required to enter their contact details so we can let them know about the availability of a product that if of their interest. The information thus provided can be later modified in case there is any change. To modify the information simply drop an email and we do the needful. Our users’ privacy is of utmost importance for us. We understand the information of our every user is sensitive and therefore we ensure that no information of our user is leaked or shared with a third party.

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