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eToro Reviews – As you all know that with changing time man has moved forward and we human beings have discovered a lot of things and day by day with this growing innovation we have developed so much that nowadays everyone wants luxury in their life. And these innovations and development have made distances very short. Nowadays we can be in front of a person even if we are sitting very far away from that person and this has become possible via the discovery of phones. Nowadays we have got so much used to of these luxurious items that we can’t imagine us without these things even for a day. With the growing technology and passing time, one thing has also gained importance i.e. money. Money is equally important to everyone whether rich or poor. Money can be defined as an instrument to buy anything. For purchasing anything you need money. Nowadays the definition of the basic necessity for people has changed. Money is the most important thing that a person wants in life. And nowadays everyone is running for it. And whether rich or poor money is the thing which is never sufficient for anyone. Everyone wants more and more of it. And everyone is always trying to make his/her money to grow in various ways. And one of the finest ways to do so is online trading or business because nowadays the impact of computer and internet has grown. Online trading means just by making a little investment you get the offer to earn more than what you invested. And in this series, there are a lot of names but one of the most certified and trusted names which have emerged in past couple of years is eToro. An innovation in the world of trading with an aim to make trade accessible to everyone, everywhere and its aim is also to make its customers less depending on financial institutions like banks etc.


What is eToro?

It is an online trading company which provides its users an opportunity to earn much more than their expectations. Means just by making a little one-time investment it allows its users to earn more. It has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution and world’s largest social trading network. eToro Reviews show that the company has 6 million registered users working on it currently. The company is providing its users a platform from where they can earn by working as per their capacity.

Why Choose eToro?

As the eToro reviews show that the company has explored itself and it is having a good group of people working under it as its customers which is enough to tell about its usefulness and kind of response it is getting in the market. The company has come a long way since 2007 it is continuously grooming itself and making modifications and it has won people’s trust which can be easily seen by the total number of customers working under it. It provides both short-term and long-term plan for its customers. As every investment has some kind of risk so eToro also provides some kind of responsible trade features because the company doesn’t want its customers to take the risk. In order to keep its client information safe it employees the highest level of cyber security actions.  It reviews clearly show that its customer service facility is also much better than its competitors.

Development in eToro:

Here is a listing of all the developments it has seen in last few years:

  • 2007 – Launching of the eToro platform: Changing the traditional way it made an effort to make this platform easily available to everyone, everywhere in the world.
  • 2009 – WebTrader: Took an initiative to make itself available for both experienced as well as newcomers and make itself lashed with tools, equipment, and variety of other features.
  • 2011 – OpenBook: Became world’s first trading platform enabling its members to become a group of its members. The platform soon attracted global attention, and in 2011 won Best of Show 2011 at Finovate Europe.
  • 2012 – Introducing stocks: A wide selection of stocks were added alongside with commodities, currencies and other assets on eToro.
  • 2013 – Mobile app: Each and every facility of the eToro were made available to its customers at the tip of their fingers i.e. on the phone so that wherever they go they can easily avail all the facilities.
  • 2015 – The new eToro: Combo of both online trading and social trading with a common aim under one roof.
  • 2016 – Introducing CopyFunds:  Introducing a brand new long-term thematic investment product. Managed portfolios that bundle top traders or various assets under a predetermined strategy are called as copy funds. Driven by powerful machine-learning engines which aim to generate a maximum return at any given time.
  • 2017 – CopyFunds powered by Machine learning AI: Further developing CopyFunds, eToro combined Microsoft’s machine learning technology into the momentum. The new CopyFund uses artificial intelligence in order to find the steadiest traders who are most likely to generate a double-digit return and gathered them into one fully managed portfolio.


A variety of trading tools and courses are offered by eToro, in order to give you everything to make you an educated trader or a long-term investor. The main goals of eToro are to promote financial literacy: The courses by eToro offers a good and flexible entry point into the world of online trading, and its free practice account enables you to trade online without risking any real money. Every trader signing up with eToro receives a virtual-money account, credited with $100,000, so that they can practice their strategies and share their skills before trading with real money. eToro also partnered with major financial institutions, such as Russia’s Sberbank and China’s Ping An Group, to promote online trading and financial education in these markets.

Is eToro safe?

Seeing all this and reading eToro reviews it seems that its good to be a member of this and enjoy the way of earning.


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