CRYPTO WEALTH 2018 – Does this Really Wealth Creator Software/App or Scam!

Crypto Wealth 2018 overview

Crypto Wealth 2018 is a software for people trading in cryptocurrency. The official website of the company who launched Crypto Wealth 2018 is The CEO of the company is Max Carney.

The product includes a money back guarantee by the producers, ensuring that you have nothing to lose. This money back guarantee has a validity of 2 months. The product has a fast delivery rate, in order words, it will reach to you within a week of placing the order.

It can be downloaded for free. For the time being, there is a bonus offer amounting to $1000. Read the whole article to find out more about Crypto Wealth 2018.

What is Crypto Wealth 2018?

For people who are trading in cryptocurrency, this is the best of all the automated trading software available in the market. The software is being praised a lot by investors all over the world. Of course, during the course of time, it has made many losses as it is not a magic software, but in general, it has been making high profits for the investors on a daily basis consistently.

The software includes two methods of operation, which are semi-automatic and fully automatic. Most of the users prefer the semi-automatic as they consider it be more reliable than the fully automatic one.

Accountants and lawyers in Japan and USA have been checking the figures of this software for a long time now. That means this is not a fake software. It has the potential of performing automated trading for the investors. The app of this software has also been launched recently, telling us a whole lot about Crypto Wealth 2018.

Features of Crypto Wealth 2018

  • The semi-automatic mode of the software helps you to trade with efficiency. It ensures that you learn to trade like a pro with time, earning high profits as you trade more and more.
  • It has 88% winning weeks, ensuring good results when it comes to earning high profits in a short span of time.
  • Out of more than 1400 trading sessions, the rate of loss of Crypto Wealth 2018 has only been once, which ensures that the quality of the software is undeniably good.
  • This software will work on any device. Be it your smartphone, PC, laptop, etc, you can make use of this software on whatever device you are using.
  • Crypto Wealth 2018 will work on both iOS and Android.
  • There is the presence of multiple signals daily. In other words, this software will send you multiple signals on a daily basis helping you to learn trading more effectively and maximizing your profits in a short span of time.

Is it a scam or is it a genuine software?

This product has been in business for over 4 years now and in this period of 4 years, statistics tell us, that it has only lost once while trading.

The software is extremely effective in helping you trade automatically by placing your money in the most profitable parts of the stock market. It does not matter if you have no knowledge about trading at all. This is because Crypto Wealth 2018 is completely automatic and in the end, it will just help you learn to trade in a better way. The signals that Crypto Wealth 2018 provides a daily basis boosts your knowledge and update you about the market conditions.

Another most amazing part of this product is that it will work on any device that you are using. Whether it is your Pc or your laptop, Crypto Wealth 2018 will work on either of the two. It can even operate on your smartphone. All you need to have is a good internet connection on whatever device you want to make use of Crypto Wealth 2018.

How does Crypto Wealth 2018 app work?

Crypto Wealth 2018 has been formed by composing different algorithms of trading together, and is used for trading is assets and other important financial like cryptocurrency. According to the statistics available till now, the software has lost only 1 in about four years.

This is because it has been made in such a way which makes it easier for the users to trade in an automated form. Not only do the users earn high profits in a short span of time, but the ones who have no knowledge or experience in trading at all, they also learn the basics of trading with the help of this software.

The winning rate of the software is about 88% which is a lot more than the other software of the same category. This will ensure that your money does not get wasted. The software will very effectively invest your money in the most profitable of all the places in the stock market, making sure that you do not have to worry about losses of your hard earned money.

How to open an account in the Crypto Wealth 2018 app?

Follow the steps given below in order to open an account in the Crypto Wealth 2018 app:

  • Firstly, you need to clear the cookies of the device on which you are using the Crypto Wealth 2018
  • Then go to the official site of this software and watch the video which has been uploaded there.
  • Sign in on the website by providing all the necessary information required by the site.
  • Then go to the member’s area of the page and create your broker’s account which will help you trade using Crypto Wealth 2018.
  • There, you have to enter all your genuine information in order for the process to be completed successfully.
  • By doing this, the app will assign a broker for you automatically at once.
  • After completing all the above steps, you need to deposit the required amount of money. Usually, the lowest amount equals to about $250. But this amount may vary with the broker that has been appointed for you.
  • That’s all! Now you are good to go. You have completely signed in and now all there is left is to earn high profits instantly on a daily basis. The average profits that Crypto Wealth 2018 can make for you depend on your size of the investment. However, the average estimate of profits is around $7,890 on a daily basis.

The results of this product have been quite satisfying. There are many such other products available on the market. But the problem with these products is that they have a very low winning rate, which is not a proper guarantee that your money will be growing. There are chances that you will lose each and every penny that you have invested. In other words, the other software available in the market poses a high degree of risk to the investors.

Crypto Wealth 2018 comes with a manual as well as an automatic mode. So, for the people who are completely unaware of the working of the investing and the stock market are also able to earn high profits with the help of Crypto Wealth 2018.

What this means, is that Crypto Wealth 2018 is a worth try if you want to make money using cryptocurrency.


Trading in cryptocurrency involves a high degree of risk. The market of cryptocurrency is quite dynamic. You might never know what might happen in the next second. You might make millions of profits or lose everything that you have invested. There have come much software which help you trade in cryptocurrency.

When it comes to Crypto Wealth 2018, then it is a legit profit making software. This will effectively help you in automatic trading while also making you learn about trading giving the signals on a daily basis. People who have used this app have found it extremely helpful.

Most of such apps and software which are being launched are usually a scam. Out of all these non-genuine products available in the market, it is very difficult to find a one on which you can rely and trust your money.

Before choosing any software, it is essential that you carry out proper research on it and read the proper reviews and then make an informed decision. Though, when it comes to Crypto Wealth 2018, the reviews have been quite happy with most of the users. This can be proved by the fact that Crypto Wealth 2018 has lost only once in about 4 years of its operation.

Concluding this, we can say that now it is your turn to use this software and see yourself make huge profits even in a short period of time. You can also read the reviews of this software to be extra sure of where you are investing your money. So purchase now and download the app. We are sure that it will be effective in making you understand the whole system of trading, as well as making you earn high profits within the limited time frame.

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